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I am not sure if I will continue with this series. Dont get me wrong, it is pretty decent, but I have not much interest in Shogi. The previous volume had some Shogi, but this one doubled it and I just got bored during some parts. The matches are over quite soon, but they still take some time. Not only that, I dont particularly like Rei. I can imagine he has troubles, he is sad about his past and what happened there, but I wish he would just man up a bit. He has so many opportunities, a whole bunch of friends that care about him and so much more. Yet, he keeps moping and acting sad. Thinking back to things that happened years ago.I would love to see him smile for once, a real smile. The other characters were pretty good (like the sisters), though I didnt particularly like Reis friend (with the name I keep forgetting), I found him a bit too intrusive, didnt care for privacy or the word no. He reminds me of a character from Honey and Clover, I also didnt like him and the way he acted. And then we have the one character I absolutely disliked. Kyouko. Dear Lord, grudge much? Yes, your dad picked Rei over you, and over your brother. Yes, this sucks. But did you do much against it? So far, it doesnt seem so. The only thing you did was bitch at everything and everyone. I dislike her and she is also a big reason why I am going to drop the manga. The art is still gorgeous and I really love it. The characters are wonderfully drawn and the same goes for the scenery.I loved the map we got at the end, too bad I dont live in Japan, or am planning on a trip any time soon (too expensive), but maybe one day I will go and if I still remember this manga and the map, I will see if I can visit the places mentioned in the manga.Would I recommend this one? Sure, if you like Shogi and dont mind depressing characters.Review first posted at

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